Septwolves Cigarette Blue (10 Packs)


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  • The perfect flue-cured tobacco made from high-quality tobacco leaves is rich in the original aroma of pure tobacco, rich in aroma, excellent in satisfaction, and filled with a strong and passionate taste.
  • “Septwolves” cigarettes started in 1995, it is a well-known brand of Chinese-style blended cigarettes. It is an early cigarette brand with an “ecological quality chain”. It is widely favored by consumers for its soft smoke, delicate aroma, and comfortable aftertaste.
  • “Jinqiao” brand hybrid cigarette is a cigarette product jointly developed by China and the United States. This product is made of high-quality tobacco leaves at home and abroad, which are naturally alcoholized and refined. The smoke is soft, the aroma is delicate, and the aftertaste is comfortable, with a unique light mixed style. In 2006, on the basis of brand integration, sorting out “Stone Lions” and upgrading “Seven Wolves”, the brand development strategy of “Yiyou-Special” was put forward.

Note: You must be at least 18 and be legally able to purchase and possess cigarettes in your country.

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