Hongtashan Cigarette Hard Case Classic 1956 (10 packs)

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  • This product uses fine materials and continues the consistent style and taste of Hongtashan. On the original Hongtashan packaging, a hot-stamped red positive and negative color like the “Hongtashan Classic 1956” label graphic was added to show the classic quality. The cigarette packs are made of high-white paper, which is more delicate and elegant, and the cigarettes are hot stamped with the words “Hongtashan” in Chinese and pinyin with the extended golden filter paper, which highlights the solemnity in the coordination, the embossed red tower body of the cigarette pack has a more three-dimensional touch.
  • The taste is strong and pleasant, the smell is unique, the mouth and nose have a specific type of tobacco formula taste, the throat and lung cavity are moderately smoky, and it has a relatively pleasant stimulation to the brain, similar to the pleasure of drinking in moderation. This kind of cigarette is suitable for enjoying when the mood is more excited or when external sensory stimulation is required, and it can bring unique pleasure and stimulation from the outside to the inside for the user.

Note: You must be at least 18 and be legally able to purchase and possess cigarettes in your country.

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3 reviews for Hongtashan Cigarette Hard Case Classic 1956 (10 packs)

  1. John

    Good product, good price, but shipping was slow, it took a month to receive.

  2. Ken

    Everything I order was on point and in a timely manner!

  3. Helen

    One of my friends at work introduced me to Hongtashan. The flavor was very strong with a heady flavor.

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