Bond Street Classic Blue 20s (10 packs)

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Philip Morris founded the brand with a boutique on Bond Street in London. The Belgian King at the time was one of the brand’s admirers, bestowing the image of the crown on a pack of his favorite cigarettes, and specifically awarded the brand the title of Royal Boutique Tobacco. The brand retains the image of the crown on the pack.

The best of the world’s blended cigarettes, it is favored by the global fashion elite. Its hollow activated carbon filter design is unique and interesting, with an excellent heat insulation effect, which can filter and reduce harmful substances in cigarettes and keep the mouth fresh.

If you compare the history of Bond Street and other cigarette brands, you will see that it is not particularly prominent, it is bland. There is no overwhelming advertising marketing like Marlboro, Camel, etc. Perhaps this is related to its original sales group. It does not want to climb to occupy the high-end market. It has always been aimed at the middle-income people, and it can enter the market with reasonable prices and quality.

It should be noted that cigarettes acquired a modern look, not from the beginning. At the end of the 19th century, when American James Poznack invented the machine that could roll 200 cigarettes per minute, cigarettes went from a randomly manufactured, poorly made product to a marketed product. The wealthy continued to smoke cigars, but cigarettes moved from the poor to the working class. We can see the class symbolism represented by cigarettes in the posters of French artist Theophile Alexander Sterling’s music performances.

Each of the cigarettes contains a filter and a smoking part. Raw materials in the cut product. Tobacco is wrapped in special paper. It is believed that the filter detains harmful tars.

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