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  • “Camel” cigarettes are famous all over the world, not only because of their excellent quality but also because of the unique design of the “Camel” cigarette label. Its base color is yellow, like a vast desert, and the pyramids and palm trees in the background pattern make the design of the “Camel” cigarette full of mysterious oriental flavor. The most eye-catching among the cigarette labels is the camel standing in the sandy sea, holding its head high and despising the world. It is this “desert boat” that has become the symbol of “Camel” cigarettes, making “Camel” cigarettes famous all over the world.
    “Camel” has a history of 100 years, it is an evergreen tree among the world-famous brands of cigarettes.
  • It was pretty mild not as strong as the other abroad cigarettes I have tried so far. And also the Nicotine seems to have a different flavor very light and with no residue. Hence it’s a must-try product for all smokers who love trying a variety of cigarettes But do remember not to stick on to it for a very long time.

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1 review for CAMEL FILTER (10 Packs )

  1. Rachel

    Camel cigarettes are by far the best brand in the market. My friend gave me two of these pieces, which I eventually smoked, but were fantastic. There was no chemical taste like many claim, the drag was smooth ant the punch mild. Getting cigarettes online is far better idea than buying in stores.

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